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We’re marking two big 787 milestones today—with one airplane. The very first 787-9 built at Boeing South Carolina was delivered to United Airlines. This airplane is also the 250th 787 we’ve delivered.


The first 787-9 delivered from Boeing South Carolina is pictured here outside our North Charleston delivery center. This airplane is also the 250th 787 to be delivered.

Our delivery centers in Everett and North Charleston have been very busy getting Dreamliners into the hands of our customers all over the world.

The global fleet has now flown more than 215,000 revenue flights—carrying over 40 million passengers. That’s something we’re all very proud of.

Congratulations to the 787 team—for more reasons than one.

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Nick Johnson (Orcas, WA):

Is this the fastest that any widebody airliner has reached 250 deliveries?

Another possible record: Is the 787-8 the largest selling initial (and smallest) model of a new widebody family? The 777-200 was upgraded to the 200ER fairly quickly. It's striking how balanced the -8 and -9 sales have been.

While Boeing has gone through struggles getting all the new technology and production methods in place, it is now reaping the reward of having the most advanced jetliner in production for years to come. Airlines obviously can't get enough of them.

Todd (Atlanta):

What a gorgeous airplane and sky. This is fantastic news and I look forward to joining the 40million soon!

George M (Long Island, NY):

Even though ANA has not announced 787-9 service into JFK, I could have sworn that I saw an ANA 787-9 on the approach to JFK at about 10:15 AM this past Sunday morning (March 15). It definitely was not a 777 because it had a conical tail cone and it looked considerably longer than a 787-8. Can anyone confirm that I am correct in what I saw? In any event, the plane was a beauty and very quiet.

Dr Dorothy (MA, USA):

Congratulations to 787-9 built at Boeing South Carolina North Charleston, Everett, and United Airlines!

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

Already the 250th 787 has been delivered. I love to see United re-enter the Auckland with the 787-9 for the range and appropriate capacity that it has. Congrats to the SC team on the first 787-9 to be built and delivered from this plant.

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