Party in the Big D

I had the pleasure of representing Boeing when American Airlines showcased their 787 fleet on Wednesday at the company’s hangar at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.


Employees of American Airlines celebrate their 787 fleet.

Thousands of employees got their first chance to see the airplane up close, and it was very clear from the smiles on their faces that they really love it.


The wing that always impresses.

American starts 787 service on May 7, and has been busy over the past few months putting the airplane through proving flights. One of the flight attendants who has been on some of those flights gave the 787 rave reviews. She also gave me the picture below that captured the shadow of the Dreamliner as it flew over the clouds near London.


One of American’s test pilots may have said it best when he commented that the 787 will be written into the airline’s history. We’re proud to be part of that history and congratulate American on its Dreamliner fleet. Enjoy more photos— and videos— below.


Here’s me with our Regional Marketing Director Toby Lutterodt.


We’re looking forward to seeing this beauty go into revenue service.

Comments (3)

Heath (Austin):

Amazing! This is where it's at American!!

Andrew Boydston (Boise ID USA):

I marveled over American Airline use of lights during this introductions. I've posted a video of the American employees explaining what they have to work with on my blog. The smiles, the pride and their anticipation makes you wan to fly American today. I noticed the video shot of the 3-3-3 seating configuration in economy. It looks very functional for me as I am a "big boy" and I am never quite fit any economy, but this does look like it will do the trick well. I end up on the window with an arching sidewall most of the time. The side wall and the seat alignment looks like it will do the trick. I am so sorry I lifted weights in college and now my shoes never fit. This Dreamliner looks like it will handle this old footballer just fine.

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

And today is May 7th, congrats to American and Boeing in the first regular revenue flight of the 787!

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