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How has the 787 helped connect the world? Just ask ANA. Today, they said that without the Dreamliner, they couldn’t serve Seattle and San Jose.

Last week, Norwegian announced seven new routes they’ll be flying with their 787s—six of which are new nonstop markets, including Stockholm and Copenhagen to Las Vegas.

To date, there are 49 new 787 nonstop routes (in operation or announced).


267 airplanes are now in the worldwide fleet, having flown more than 44 million people.

On Wednesday, I’ll be in Dallas to help welcome American’s first 787 as it prepares to enter service next week. I look forward to that, as well as more new customers taking delivery of the airplane.

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Nick Johnson (Orcas, WA):

There must be hundreds of newly viable city pairs which could be connected by the 787. Does Boeing provide a list of such potential city pairs to airlines as part of the sales process, or just depend on airlines to come up with them on their own? It would seem helpful to point them out, but then again, the 787 doesn't suffer from a shortage of backlog.

Chris (Dallas):

We look forward to seeing it at DFW and taking a ride soon. Great machine.

Matías (Santiago):

I just looking the map, and I didn't see routes like SCL-JFK, SCL-MIA, SCL-AKL wich now are serving by LAN.

Rob Russell (Cape Town, South Africa):

I notice you do not have the Qatar direct flights from Doha to both Cape Town and Johanesberg.

Im sure its a small oversight!


Great plane, I wish Boeing will use the same windows design for B777x.

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

These long range city pair ups are the things among others that make the 787 unique and for the 8 model, the most important.

Emmanuel (Greece):

Although -8 and -9 variants offer excellent long range capabilities, I -personally- estimate that the -10 variant will be the ideal alternate to the vast majority of european carriers covering with its 12,900km range the 95% of their long range routes, carrying 20% more passengers with the lowest seat/mile cost in market today, while -8s and -9ers still are the ultimate "key" to middle-eastern and asian-pacific airlines' ultra long range routes. (Flight tests are left to prove -10's pro-estimated/announced excellent performances).

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