Making history with the MAX

Usually, when presidents are involved with history, they’re the ones making it. But last week, two presidents — Panama President Juan Carlos Varela Rodriguez and U.S. President Barack Obama - served as witnesses to history when Boeing and Copa Airlines announced an order for 61 of our new 737 MAXs. At $6.6 billion in value at list price, the deal is the largest commercial transaction between a Panamanian and a US-based company ever.


History being made in Panama City.


The 737 MAX 8 and MAX 9 in Copa livery.

The presidents were together in Panama City along with 33 other heads of state from throughout the Western Hemisphere for the seventh Summit of the Americas. While they were there, they took time to stand witness as Copa Holdings Chairman Stanley Motta, Copa Airlines CEO Pedro Heilbron, Boeing Chairman and CEO Jim McNerney and GE Aviation President and CEO David Joyce signed documents recognizing the agreement.


The signing documents.

Copa has long been a great partner for Boeing— and a great customer for the 737. The world’s best-selling single-aisle jet is the cornerstone of Copa’s fleet today, and plays a key role in the Panamanian carrier’s business model, connecting people from throughout the hemisphere through Tocumen Airport - an airport Copa calls “The Hub of the Americas.”


With the MAX order, Copa will build on the Next-Generation 737’s reliability and passenger-pleasing features, while taking advantage of a great leap ahead in fuel efficiency and environmental performance. Copa already flies some of the longest 737 routes in the world. The 737 MAX will give Copa even more range, which will create more opportunities to connect more people from more places throughout the Americas. And on the routes that Copa flies, these 61 airplanes will save 103 million kilograms of fuel per year while emitting 324,000 metric tons less CO2. At the same time, they will be up to 40 percent quieter.


Congratulations to everybody at Copa for this landmark order.

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James Baloun (Sunnyvale, California):

The 737 continues to sell to satisfied customers. And the new Space Bins will be a tremendous addition to passenger convenience. Two inches of headroom is a very reasonable trade for a 50% increase in overhead item storage. If I am not mistaken, even the 2 inch lower overhead is still more headroom than just about every automobile on the road.

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

The range and efficiency of the 737 MAX can allow Copa Airlines to fly virtually anywhere in the Americas.

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