Reflections on first quarter

Boeing’s strong first quarter results can be pinned to a lot of areas on the commercial side, including a 14 percent increase in deliveries compared to the first quarter of 2014. We also captured $9.8 billion of net orders during the first quarter. Our backlog stands at more than 5,700 airplanes valued at $435 billion—the equivalent of eight years worth of production.

Among the key milestones of the quarter, we delivered the first 787-9 built at Boeing South Carolina. We also opened our propulsion systems facility at North Charleston and started up the automated wing panel assembly, better known as PAL, at the 737 factory in Renton.


The first 787-9 delivered from Boeing South Carolina.

As of today, we’ve delivered 36 787s this year. 264 Dreamliners have been delivered in total, flying more than 44 million passengers across the globe.

The 737 MAX has now racked up 2,715 total orders from 57 customers.

And our production bridge from the 777 to the new 777X also continues on pace. So far this year, we have 25 orders and commitments for the 777-300ER and 777 Freighter. The 777 line is essentially sold out for 2016. It is approximately half sold out in 2017 and has a healthy number of slots already sold firm in 2018.


The 777X.

We have a lot to be proud of, but a lot more to do as we go through the year. Check out the video below that captures more of our first quarter achievements.

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Andrew Boydston (Boise, ID USA):

Good Day Randy,

The 25 ordered 777, does it include the 10 United 777 it converted from the 787 order book? Anyway I read it, Boeing is leveraging the production and optimizing the customers inventory with its recent order book changes. Congratulation on making everything work for the better with those order book adjustments. This will open up the 787 slots for a little more 787 additions, and fill the 777 dance card in 2016. :)

Cristiano Arruda (Campo Grande, MS, Brazil.):

Boeing is producing fantastic commercial videos. The next department will call: "Boeing Pictures". ;-)

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

Even with the 777-X program launched airlines are still ordering the 777-300ER, United only being the latest and the second American airline to do so. I think the orders will keep on coming well into the deliveries of the 777-X.

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