767 milestone

The 767 program had good reason to celebrate after delivering the 100th 767 Freighter a few days ago. The team was proud to hand over the airplane to our friends at FedEx.


The 100th 767 Freighter comes down the line in our Everett factory.

The program continues to invest in and improve the production system and the airplane itself, keep it a vital part of our cargo customers’ networks. A performance improvement package engine from GE was delivered this year, adding another half-point in fuel efficiency.

There are still many longtime Boeing employees who’ve had a hand in each of the 100 767 Freighters through the years. Dave Abelson, the first shift daytime flight line crew leader, knows it’s all about teamwork.

“This is such a team effort,” Abelson said. “This program wouldn’t be what it is without everyone’s work. It’s not just one person or one crew. It’s the full team that makes a difference.”


767 employees sign a banner marking the 100th Freighter.

Cargo operators are keeping the fleet busy with an average utilization of nearly 10 hours a day. The fleet has accumulated more than two million flight hours combined.


Flyaway of the 100th 767 Freighter.

Congratulations to the 767 team for this great milestone, and thanks to all of our customers for making it happen.

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Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

As the A300 and A310 freighters are getting longer in the tooth, the 767 freighter is the logical successor, congrats on over 100 767 cargo planes delivered.

Manos (Greece):

The most succesfull medium sized aircraft seem to have a second life chance through its freighter version. No doubt, an excellent carrier platform that offers unmatched capabilities and, finally, a project that doesn't suffer from collateral competition such as "parasitic" cargo operations (i.e. in the lower cargo deck of big jets such as 777s in commercial passenger flights), a matter that seems to be a threat (just a personal estimation) to the larger 747-8F. Nowadays, 767F is the "passpartout" key to long and medium haul all-cargo operations and, I estimate, for at least 10 to 15 years to date. Of course "well-done Boeing" for this mid-eighties genious design!!!

Dr Dorothy (USA):

Congratulations to Boeing 767 freighter and 767 cargo planes team !

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