Paris 2015 - Day 1

Day 1 of the 2015 Paris Air Show is in the books, and we stayed pretty busy.

The morning kicked off with Garuda Indonesia announcing its intent to buy 30 787-9s, as well as up to 30 additional 737 MAX 8s. The airline also reconfirmed its intent to purchase 50 737 MAX 8s, originally announced in October 2014.



Garuda celebrates with us at the Paris Air Show. Marian Lockhart photo.

EVA Airways was up next, announcing its intention to buy five 777 Freighters. EVA currently has more than 35 Boeing airplanes in its fleet, including 20 777-300ERs.


Joking that he hadn’t ordered enough 777Xs already, Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker was personally on hand at our chalet to announce his order for 10 777-8Xs and four 777 Freighters. Qatar currently has 50 777-9Xs already on order.


Qatar Airways joined us for a signing ceremony. Marian Lockhart photo.


We thank all of our customers for their business—and their confidence in Boeing airplanes.

Our friends from China Airlines are here to show off their newest 777-300ER. The wood grain interiors of the airplane are stunning— and the outside is just as stunning.


The China Airlines 777-300ER is on static display. Marian Lockhart photo.


The interior of the China Airlines 777-300ER. Marian Lockhart photo.

The day ended with a capacity crowd gathered on our chalet balcony to watch the 787-9 for Vietnam Airlines take part in the flying display. Much like the rehearsal video that continues to go viral with almost 8 million views, today’s flight wowed the crowds.



We’ll have more customer announcements tomorrow—so stay tuned. I’ll leave you with some photos of a great restaurant in the Saint Germain des Près neighborhood of Paris, where the bakery across the street brings fresh bread straight to your table almost every 10 minutes. And the beef was even better.



Comments (5)

Patrick Smith (Boston, MA, USA):

Great photos, and that bread looks delicious!

Now, would Boeing please come up with a legitimate airframe that fits between the 737 and 787 (or between the A320 and A330)?  A real 757/767 replacement, in other words.  And no, the 737 Max does NOT fit that criteria.

And neither does the A321, so get moving before they do!

Patrick Smith

Andrew Boydston (Boise ID USA):

Its All Good. I am expecting "More", and "More" is coming. This I know, is all I know. The aviation market-place has many pieces in the big Jig-saw puzzle. The focus on the constant base line of Boeing products, and its excellence suggests more is coming for the enlightens observers having inside seats at the Boeing table. The customers will run the show more than the manufacturer. As it will cast a reflection of the manufacturer's hard work. Additionally exclaiming those outstanding order announcements throughout the year, and yet to come. Now Paris will sleep on it before day 2 starts.

Brian (Iowa):

Congrats to everyone at Boeing for a job well done! Now I am just waiting for you to announce Boeing will be brining the 787-9 to EAA AirVenture this year (Friday :)) to showcase in Boeing Plaza. I was there when the -8 was flown in, but this year I am taking my son for the first time and we'd all love to see it!

Congrats again!

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

That was quite a steep takeoff for the 787-9, it reminds me of the "Fat Albert" Blue Angels C-130 ascent with JATO rockets only without the rockets.

I definitely would like a slice of what is in the bottom picture.

George M (Long Island, NY):

The 787-9 is a beautifully-proportioned aircraft and it looks even more spectacular in the superb Vietnam Airlines livery. I've seen a couple of the -9s on the approach to JFK, and it is as quiet as it is beautiful. Can't wait to fly on one.

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