Past, present and future

Do you ever look at your kids and think—weren’t they babies just yesterday? Today we’re looking at our 777 and thinking, didn’t we just start building these? Incredibly, it’s been 20 years this month since the airplane entered service.


The first flight of the 777. June 12, 1994.

This program is a great example of how we continually innovate and improve our products. We’re making the airplane even better. Today’s 777 is also built in new ways. We’ve reconfigured our factory to achieve rates the program leaders of 20 years ago probably never dreamed possible. We’re introducing new manufacturing techniques and tools to make the build processes safer for our employees and more efficient with higher quality results.


First delivery of the 777 to United in 1995. Notice the beautiful fly by of the very first 777.


First flight of the 777-200ER. October 7, 1996.

But perhaps the best testament to this airplane is what we hear from our customers and their passengers. They truly love it - and we’re honored by their accolades.


Rollout of the 777-300. September 8,1997.


The 777-300ER is surrounded by employees at its rollout in November 2002.

The future looks even brighter. We’re making great progress getting ready for the 777X - an airplane that will keep the 777 fresh and new for decades to come. There are visible signs of progress every day in Everett as the new 777X Composite Wing Center is being built.


The 777-200LR.


The 777 Freighter lands at at the conclusion of its first flight in July 2008.

I’d like to thank everyone who had a hand in building the 777 from day one- those who have retired, those who have moved on to other programs and those who are still getting the job done every day.


The new 777X.

I encourage you to check out our special webpage dedicated to the past, present and future of this great airplane.

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Manos (Greece):

No doubt, triple7 has devoted clients, airlines and passengers. I 've reported in a past comment that if i have the option to choose a 777 on my route, "I 'm in".
By the way, triple7 was (still is) a milestone in aviation, firstly because it played a major role to the ETOPS extension to 180 minutes by proving that twin engine designs are so (in fact "more", focusing in the statistics concerning in incidents per 1,000,000 hours between twin and four engine designs) reliable as tri- and four-jets flying inter-ocean routes, a fact that allowed other twin-jets such as 767-X00s and A330-X00s take advantage of this (did Airbus Industries say "thank you"?).
Secondly, because 777s took passenger experience to a new, higher level, being the first aircraft that still have millions of fans worldwide enjoying top-of-the-line cabin space and comfort, whatever their class of travel is (C, Y, PY etc).
Thirdly, because this design is a so flexible platform to new additions, improvements and innovations that seems to have the "magic portion" to be a pioneer in the twin-jet club for many decades to go.
And the list goes on...
In other words, 777 is for twin engine jets what was 747 for aviation in total: THE game-changer.
Did I mention that 77L and 77W are equipped with the most powerful turbofans ever (GE90-110/115B1L)?
Million thaks to all contributed to have this aircraft in the air for the last 20 years!

Bill GRIFFITH (Seattle ):

My Grandfather started working for Boeing at the Red Barn in 1921 and I ended my flying career flying the Boeing 777. The amazing thing about the 777 is the wing design thanks in large part to Bill McIntosh I'm sure the new wing will be even better! Go Boeing.

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

The best selling wide body in the world with nearly 2,000 units sold, I think the 777 8 and 9 will be an incredible airplane and will sell like the 777-300ER did before. I can imagine all three major US airlines, American, Delta and United flying the 777-9X.

Erin (St Louis):

It is simply the best airplane ever. My compliments to everyone at Boeing for this great machine. I love all the photos as well Randy.

Dr Dorothy (USA):

Again,congratulations to the booming Boeing 777!

My compliments too to all Boeing people for this great airplane which my husband Sean and I who already qualified professionals and started to be selected joining the successful virgin trial flight when we just teenager, b!

HAIDER JAFRI (Karachi, Pakistan):

First of all Congratulations to the Boeing Company and its all staff members on the happy occasion of 20th Birthday of Boeing 777. I have been flying 777-200ER, 777-200LR and 777-300ER since induction in Pakistan International Airlines.
I am so proud of this state of the art technology aircraft and really feel amazed flying.

I wish Boeing a successful future with Many Happy Landings.

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