That's a wrap

Now that the 2015 Paris Air Show is in the books, I wanted to share some of my takeaways from the week.

First and foremost, I’ll always remember the excitement over the 787-9 flying display.


The 787-9 in the flying display at the Paris Air Shows. Steve Eastell photos.



The YouTube video of its rehearsal flight that went viral raised the anticipation at Le Bourget— and the airplane didn’t disappoint. Thanks to Vietnam Airlines for allowing us to showcase just what the 787 can do, while wowing the crowd in the process.

The 777-300ER for China Airlines was also a big hit. We were proud to help unveil the airline’s award-winning interior to the crowds at Le Bourget.


It was hard to miss the China Airlines 777-300ER on static display. Marian Lockhart photo.


On board the China Airlines 777-300ER with Jerry Verghese, our director of Brand Management and Advertising.

I also want to thank all of our customers who made announcements over the course of the week. We ended up with orders and commitments for 331 airplanes valued at $50.2 billion at list prices.

Of course, this is just one week out of 52. We still have a lot of things to accomplish the rest of the year. We’re still on track to deliver between 750 and 755 airplanes. That’s not only a Boeing record—it’s an industry record.

The first 737 MAX will roll out of the factory by the end of this year. And the 777X remains on schedule to reach firm configuration this year.


A view of Le Bourget from the China Airlines 777-300ER. Marian Lockhart photo.

Thanks for following along this week as we say goodbye to Paris.


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Edwin (Miami):

Thank you for the updates all week Randy I think this was indeed a successful air show for Boeing considering you almost pulled out an order win in Airbus' back yard. Here's to great things to come.

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

331 aircraft orders and commitments is incredible. Congratulations to Boeing and it's customers on all the orders.

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