300 and counting

It’s been a busy day at both our Everett and North Charleston delivery centers with several 787 deliveries. Earlier today, we reached another program milestone when we delivered the 300th Dreamliner.

To date, nearly 55 million passengers have flown on 787s across the globe. That’s 294,000 revenue departures, 1.5 million revenue flight hours and 659 million revenue miles flown.

Along the way, our airline customers have saved 2.5 billion pounds of fuel. And we certainly appreciate their endorsements of the airplane. Just today, LOT Polish Airlines announced new routes—saying flights operated with the Dreamliner are the most profitable part of their business.

We also continue to welcome new customers to the 787 family. Scoot took its first 787 earlier this year, and Vietnam Airlines will officially receive their first airplane soon.

Congrats to the team on today’s milestone—and thank you customers for putting those airplanes to work.

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V V (Montréal, Québec):

So 300 deliveries out of more than 1,100 total orders.
More than 25% of the orders have been delivered to operators worldwide.

Most probably there will be more 787-10 orders this years.

Todd Cohen (Philadelphia):

.....uh Randy.....WHO go the 300th 787?

Manos (Greece):

Wow! A really great number, showing the capabilities of this new high-tech plane. And there's a version to come (-10)! Truly, an aircraft that offers more than promised before test flights to both users and passengers (a week ago returned from Montreal-Dorval to Athens via Heathrow on board BA's 788 Pr.Econ.-1st time on a Dreamliner). 2.5 billion pounds of fuel! I read it twice before believe what I just read.

Randy Tinseth:

Hi Todd,

We're actually keeping the customer name under wraps since we delivered several 787s on July 27-- surpassing 300 in the process.

Dr Dorothy (USA ):

Again,congratulations to Boeing 787,Everett and North Charleston delivery centers,and the LOT Polish Airlines new routes!

Todd Cohen (Philadelphia):

OK Randy. Thanks!

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

300 787s already, that is amazing. A whole lot of bottom line meant and a lot of passengers flying better.

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