Back by popular demand

Football season is still several weeks away, but the Boeing team is obviously ready to get started.

Today in Everett, we rolled out the latest 747-8 Freighter to be painted in a Seattle Seahawks livery. You’ll remember that we used a different 747-8 to pull off a salute to the Hawks in the days leading up to their Super Bowl XLVIII victory in 2014.


The latest 747-8 Freighter to be painted in a Seahawks livery rolls out of the paint hangar in Everett. All photos by Katie Lomax.

The livery of this airplane is similar to the previous one, with a few changes. We rolled it out early so it can take part in a flyover during the Boeing Seafair Air Show at Lake Washington in Seattle on August 2.



Boeing is once again a sponsor of the Seahawks this season, and has partnered with the team for more than a decade on programs in the Puget Sound area. We’re proud to show our spirit and wish the Hawks more success in the season ahead.




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RIck (Vancouver):

A thing of beauty, especially with that blue sky. Long live the Queen of the Skies!

Jurian (Cincinnati):

That's a thing of beauty! The Queen of the Skies living up to its name for sure.

Jaime (Las Vegas, NV):

I agree with the previous post by Rick. May she reign forever!!!

Terri (Burlington, KY, USA):

This is Gorgeous! The design with such vibrate colors! A thing of beauty and pride to be Seen in the air or on the ground!

Blair Shepherd (Stony Plain, Alberta Canada):

That is a beautiful plane. Can a person buy a large photo, I.e. poster size. I would love this for my man cave!

Burt (Sumter South Carolina):

Sure would like to fly on that for my military retirement this year. Go Hawks.

teofila m escarez (seattle,washington):

good to see Boeing Company 747-8 flying with logo Seattle Seahawks with 12 in tail... proud to be
seattle seahawks fan.. go hawks

John L (Tucson, Arizona):

Very nice a 747 in Seahawk colors. How about a 747 barrel role during the Seafair races like Tex did with the 707? Would that give Ray and Dennis a heart attack?

Jeffrey Magnet (MA):

I am wondering if this aircraft will only be flying once? What are the differences between this and the previous B748 Seattle Seahawks paint scheme?

Joe (Warner Robins, GA.):

Randy, another blogger posts above: " Boeing Company 747-8 flying ... " Please confirm this airframe IS the company's - or will it later be delivered to a customer. If delivered to a customer, who is it.

Dr Dorothy (USA):

Congratulations to Boeing and Seahawks!

All the best to Boeing Seafair Air Show at Lake Washington in Seattle on August 2!

Robert Crain (Port Charlotte, fl):

I agree with Blair, I would Love to this beautiful aircraft as a poster

Scott jackson (Everett, WA):

As a mechanic on the 747-8 program I love this...but as a diehard Bronco's fan I hate it! Beautiful airplane though!

Bianca Bordignon (PetrĂ³polis, RJ - Brazil):

Amazing! I spent 4 months in Seattle and it was enough to turn me in a Seahawks fan! I am so excited to watch the next season! I want to be able to give freedom to the yell that is stuck on my throat: GO HAWKS! Brazil loves you!

Alfred (Everett):

Thanks for Sharing Randy, Go Hawks!

Mark (Federal Way, WA.):

Looks like we pulled off another WIN with this design,it's a great tribute to the folks that build our products and support our Team......GO HAWKS

Terry Taylor (Everett, Washington):

Glad to see they did another one of these big birds as a tribute to Boeing's support of our team "The Seattle Seahawks". GO HAWKS!!!
Sea ...........Hawks!
Make me proud to have been a part of all of this!

michael kravec (Mesa AZ):

While not a Seahawks fan, it is an awesome paint job but not my favorite Boing one. Picture the military colors of our Defense products made in Boeing that supports our kids fighting for our that is a paint job that screams red, white and blue and pride.


Nice job on the photos, Katie!

Joe (Seattle, WA):

Beautiful machine built and designed by the best.

Joe K. (SF, CA):

LOVE the 747-8...

HATE the SeaHawks!

Bori (Mukilteo):

Its going to be a winning season for both Boeing Co and the Seahawks! Thanks for sharing.

Brad Thayer (Lake Stevens):

All in Pete!

Deb (Everett, WA.):

I have worked in the 747 program for the last 20 of my 30 yrs at Boeing and I marvel everyday when I walk under this plane how big and beautiful she is! Long live the Queen of the skies! The painters & designers did an absolutley fantastic job on this beauty. Love the colors! Here's to the Hawks, the 12th fan and the 747 program for another sucessful season!

Cindy (Everett):

What a beautiful picture, of such a beautiful plane. But if you get a chance too see it up close DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!..GO HAWKS!!

Nathan (Everett):


I am a 747 Flight Line mechanic at the Everett facility

I believe this "Seahawks" plane is what we call a "white tail" she doesn't have customer/buyer yet, the same as last years, which was eventually repainted and sold.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Awesome, great looking airplane.

Is it louder than a Seahawks-packed stadium with its noise reduction over the 747-400?

How many footballs can it carry?

Robin Rossow (Everett, WA):

What could be better? The most beautiful airplane flying; designed, built and painted by the best airplane production company; sporting the colors of the best team in American football.

Saul Mecxin (Everett, WA ):

For all those people who are not seahawks fans, but like the airplane, 'Shame on you'!!

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