Building momentum

We came into today’s second quarter earnings with some great momentum. Just yesterday, FedEx ordered 50 more 767 Freighters. It’s the biggest ever single order for the 767 across all models.


FedEx placed the largest single order ever for the 767.

Also yesterday, EVA Air finalized its order for five 777 Freighters that was originally announced during the Paris Air Show.


EVA firmed up an order for 777 Freighters this week.

Those two orders are a strong endorsement of our family of freighters, and speak to the success we’re seeing across our entire product lineup this year. In fact, we captured $13 billion of net orders during the second quarter, pushing our backlog to nearly 5,700 aircraft valued at $431 billion.

777 orders and commitments for the year are now at 44, keeping us on track for a successful bridge to the 777X.

On the deliveries side, we saw a record 197 airplanes go out the door in the second quarter, keeping us on track to set a new industry delivery record of between 750 to 755 airplanes by the end of this year.

Other key milestones in the quarter included the start of wing assembly on the first 737 MAX and the completion of Critical Design Review on the 787-10.

As Boeing begins its 100th year, there’s a lot to be excited about. Thanks to all of our customers for their confidence, and congratulations to our entire Boeing team for a strong performance. This video shows some of our other accomplishments in the second quarter.

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Andrew Boydston (Boise ID USA):

Well played 2nd Quarter Boeing. The video tells the story in the action sequence. Then I felt a sense coming out of all its programs during May before Paris. Boeing was too busy to pause and talk, when it had so many moving parts in every division. Thank you Randy for capturing the pulse of Boeing in this video. I am anxious to see more "loose ends" posted on with its Orders and Delivery Chart. Keep on Keeping on!

Dr Dorothy (USA ( hometown)):

Congratulations to the booming of Boeing and FedEx where FedEx ordered 50 more 767 Freighters!

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Both great orders, seem to show an uptick in world trade or trade flows that support these jets as well as the 747-8F, for which Volga-Dnepr signed an MoU for 20 in Paris this year. Good stuff

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

The 767 freighters make for great and fuel efficient replacements for older DC-10 and A300 freighters. I also hope to see a lot more 777 freighter orders.

Manos (Greece):

No new talks. Just a link of my previous post on 767F:

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