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I’m incredibly impressed by what some of our airline customers are doing with the interiors of their new 777-300ERs. China Airlines made headlines when it showed off its award-winning design during the Paris Air Show. And today, SWISS unveiled its new cabin layout and route plans.


SWISS 777-300ER

We’re proud that the 777-300ER will be the flagship for SWISS when it takes delivery of the first of nine airplanes in January. The layout will be three classes—all with wireless internet.

The SWISS First Class seat transforms into your own private suite that includes a 32-inch screen, electric window blinds and your own wardrobe.


SWISS First Class


SWISS Business Class seats have the option to be converted into a lie-flat bed.


SWISS Business Class


SWISS Economy passengers will get new seat-cushion technology and a large personal touchscreen.


SWISS Economy

SWISS will use the 777-300ER primarily from Switzerland to Hong Kong, Bangkok and Los Angeles. San Francisco, São Paulo and Tel Aviv will also see 777 service several times a week.

Congratulations to SWISS on a brilliant design. You can see more in the YouTube video below.

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Manos (Greece):

Do I need to say sthg in addition to what I've written in older posts about the 777 cabin interior? The absolute game changer is here again to surprise us!

Jonathon (Tampa):

Stunning interior. Well done Swiss!

Andrew Boydston (Boise ID USA):

Finally, A Boeing Customer displays how it can adapt its resource into wonderful customer experience.

Dr Dorothy (USA):

Congratulations to Swiss new 777-300ERs beautiful, brilliant and hi tech interior design of the 3 classes with variety of foods and drinks! Well done to Boeing and Swiss!

Cristiano Arruda (Campo Grande, MS, Brazil.):

I see the revival of the 767-400ER and the MD-11 or the coming to life of the MD-12 on the 777-300ER.

The 767 cabin concept still is very efficient and weighs less than the competitor. The proposed length of the dreamed MD-12 is materialized on the 777-300ER and more is still to come on the 777-9X!

At Boeing dreams don't die. They are empowered to come even better to life!

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

I like the ingenuitive cabin.

Rhino Camaro (Canada):

Good job..boeing is a corporation that set very high benchmarks. .frontiers (dow jones)(the light)

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