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The 787-8 Dreamliner is now part of some very distinguished company. Mike Sinnett, our VP of Product Development and former 787 chief project engineer, along with the 787-8 development team received the 2015 Elmer A. Sperry Award.

The award recognizes a distinguished engineering contribution that has advanced transportation and stimulated innovation.


The 787-8, seen here during its first flight, is the winner of this year’s Sperry Award.

The team was recognized for their “pioneering engineering advances including lightweight composite wings and monolithic composite fuselage construction and advanced systems that have led to significant improvements in fuel efficiency, reduced carbon emission, reduced maintenance costs and increased passenger comfort.”

This is the third Sperry Award given to employees of Boeing—the most ever for a single company. In 1965, a Boeing team received the honor for developing the 707, 720 and 727. And the 1980 Award went to Joe Sutter’s 747 team.


Mike Sinnett (left) accepts this year’s Sperry Award.

We’re proud the 787-8 team is continuing the legacy of innovation that Boeing is known for—and we thank the Sperry Award committee for their recognition.

Comments (6)

Manos (Greece):

Congratulations too from Greece to all contributed building these state-of-technology planes, looking forward to see the -10 variant in the air too!

Wes (Santa Barbara):

Well earned honor. Congratulations to the entire 787 team for your efforts.

needhal (Val D'Osie, France):

Congratulations, from France !

Daniel (Toronto, Ontario, Canada):

Congratulations from your friends up north! The team deserved it.

Dr Dorothy (NASA, USA):

Congratulations to Boeing from NASA team !

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

Congrats on the first and best selling twenty-first century designed widebody, well deserved!

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