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I wanted to share the very latest pictures from the construction of our 777X Composite Wing Center in Everett. The progress over the past few weeks has been nothing short of stunning.


An aerial view shows the building is quickly getting a roof over its head.

The roof over the massive 1.3 million square foot building is nearly complete, and the walls are also going up at a rapid pace.


Inside the 777X Composite Wing Center on July 14.

The team also reached a milestone just a few days ago, completing the area where the autoclave vendor can start installation.

Speaking of autoclaves, the first of three giant autoclaves— some of the largest in the world— is also nearly completed.


The first of three autoclaves for 777X wings is nearly completed.


Crews work inside the autoclave.


This will be the door of the massive autoclave.

Bottom line, the home of the 777X wing is on track to be finished in May of 2016.

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V V (Montréal, Québec):

Orders as of end of June 2015:

   777-300ER: 786
   777-200LR: 59
   777F: 155

Total: 1,000 orders

Will the 777X be as successful?

John L (Tucson, Arizona):

Do not underestimate Airbus to stretch and add a larger wing to make the A350 a real challenger to the 777-9.

Kevin (Los Angeles, CA):

Must be an exciting time at Boeing with the home of the 777X taking shape.

Why not put a composite wing on the 757 as well?

Scratch (Eagle River, Alaska, USA):


We know each other from your blog, which is excellent by the way. The 777X will very likely sell 1000 or more aircraft. Why? -9X will have unbeatable seat economics, -8X will carry massive payloads (pax and freight) very long distances and from hot/high airfields, -8XF will replace many of the 747-400Fs not previously replaced by 747-8F. I don't see how there are any less than 1000 sales represented between those categories. If A350-1000 stubs its toe even slightly, it could be another bludgeoning a la 777-300ER vs A340-5/600. Keep in mind that the A350-1000 has far less than 170 orders thus far.


Scratch (Eagle River, Alaska, USA):

One more comment...

If there is ever a 787-10ER, things could get very interesting for Airbus and the A350XWB program.

Andrew Boydston (Boise ID USA):

In answer to V V question about a 1,000 unit delivery for the 777X. It is conceivable that every airline who doesn't want an A-380 or a Four engine 747-8 will convert it inventory as it ages with the 777X family within the established 777X type class. It is so much better than the Twin A-350-1000, a lost leader, and the Quad heavy A-380, providing a natural gap for the 777X . The 777X is out performing on orders compared with the often compared A-350-1000. Synergy from Boeing's family of aircraft from the 787-8 through the 777X types indicates a stronger opportunity with its suite of aircraft than what Airbus has currently brought to market, including its own paper version of the A-350-800 and the A-350-1000, classified as ladies in waiting.

The 777-8X and 9X is noted with 306 orders. while the A-350-1000 is noted with only 169 orders. Airbus tries on one hand to compare books with the 787 and on the other hand with the 777X.

In both cases Airbus falls short greatly by trying to dual tasks with its one flying example ,the A-350-900. Yes, Boeing will provide over 1,000 777X to its customers, Airbus' shortened effort has made it possible.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Congratulations!! Seriously looking forward to the 777X. There's a little gig playing in my head powered by the GE9X..

Your fellow blogger Vero Venia mentions sales of the General Electric GE90-115B/-110B1 -powered longer range 777's exceeding 1,000 units -- which to my rational reasoning, is an incredible figure.

John L (Tucson, Arizona):

Do you truly believe that Airbus will stand still and not have a competitive response to the 777-X?

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

An autoclave this big could make it to the Guinness Book or World Records just like the Boeing Everett Factory has.

Dr Dorothy (USA):

Congratulations to Boeing!

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