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If you’ve driven past our 737 factory in Renton lately, you probably noticed a big change on the factory doors. Just like we did at our Everett factory, we put up new murals—one of a 737 MAX and the other showing a 737-800.


The new look at our 737 factory in Renton. Marian Lockhart photos.

Each mural is made up of 225 panels, and they stand 60 feet tall and 300 feet wide.


So how did we do it? Consider it peel and stick at its most sophisticated. The images were printed on high tech vinyl film panels. They were delivered to the factory in numbered rolls coded to a location on a map of each door. Crews then peeled the backing off each piece and positioned them on the doors.

Check out this impressive time lapse video to see how it all came together (video takes just a couple of seconds to load).

The murals were voted on by more than 23,000 employees last year. The Everett factory door murals are seen below.


The Everett murals show a 747-8, a 767-300, a 777-300ER and a 787-9. Gail Hanusa photo.

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Bjorn Borg (Malta ):


Patricia Roberts (TX):

Wow! Just WOW! Great job everyone! The hard work absolutely paid off and now we have such an incredible piece of art to welcome us and to admire! Thank you!!

John Andrews (Brisbane. Australia ):

These are great prints. We done to all concerned.


Nice pics.

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

Nice work, I like the purple and blue backgrounds on the 737 hanger doors.

Doug P (Columbia, SC):

Murals would look great on the doors in Charleston, also. Boeing has already made such a great impact on the Palmetto State, it's probably greedy to ask for more. However, that plant is such a jewel, it deserves a little bit of dressing up, too.

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