Seafair flyover

I wanted to share some photos from today’s flyover of the 747-8 Freighter in Seattle Seahawks livery. We were proud to once again sponsor the Boeing Seafair Air Show that took place in the skies over Seattle’s Lake Washington.


The 747-8 Freighter in Seattle Seahawks livery performs a flyover during Seafair at Lake Washington. All photos from Seafair by Paul Gordon.

Seafair is a summer tradition and we hope everyone enjoyed seeing the Queen of the Skies.





This is the second 747-8 we’ve painted in Seahawks livery. It rolled out of the paint hangar just a few weeks ago.


Paint rollout of the latest 747-8 in Seahawks livery. Katie Lomax photos.


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Sir, It is a great moment to Boeing and B747-8 program. I wish you put the eagle head in the front section, and the write up behind it. it will be much more impressive.
Thank you & Good Luck

Kris Erickson (San Diego CA):

What a beautiful,sight. How I wish I could have been there to see it in person.

Gary G (Sydney Australia):

I'll bet it didn't do a barrel roll (unlike Tex Johnston in the Boeing 707 prototype who did)!

David McBride (Vacaville CA. 95688):

Very appropriate. Probably the classiest team plane in the NFL only to represent the Classiest Team !! From the CA SEAHAWKS fan's, another great job well done...

Tyler Dillow (Seattle, WA):

These look amazing! Fantastic looking plane and stunning photos. A+ work all around.

Ulrich (Brooklyn):

An absolutely beautiful machine. Randy thanks for posting all of these great pics. My son still looks for the 747 every day.

John L (Tucson, Arizona):

Yes the 747-8 such a beautiful airplane and show to the world that Boeing makes the best airplanes! I believe the 747-8 is also the fastest commercial plane flying. Can Airbus build a better plane? Nope!

checklist (Val D'Oise, France ):

Hi Randy,

Is not it time for the 747 become a twin engine with a larger and more powerful thrust GE-9X?

Integrated as the 737 MAX/ Leap-X to get the necessary ground clearance for the big GE-9X. Will be lighter and more efficient to CASM and win a hundred miles.

The Qween Of The Sky will have a second life for long time ...?


Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

I can't imagine a better team design for the 747-8 than the Seahawks.

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