World's longest flight

The 777-200LR is about to really live up to its name. Today, Emirates announced that it will launch service from Dubai to Panama City in February. The new route will become the world’s longest non-stop flight at 17 hours and 35 minutes going westbound.

The flight will also be Emirates’ first gateway in Central America, allowing connections to Latin America and South America.


An Emirates 777-200LR.

The 777-200LR was built just for these kind of routes. In fact, the airplane set a world record for distance back in 2005 when it traveled nonstop between Hong Kong and London, flying 11,664 nautical miles during a 22-hour 42-minute journey. I’m proud to say I was on that very memorable flight.

Congrats to Emirates on launching this new route and putting the 777-200LR to work.

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Unfortunately the Yahoo! story on this topic shows an Airbus A380 image.

NickSJ (Orcas, WA):

It's surprising that more ultra-long range routes haven't been established with this jet. London-Perth and Singapore-San Francisco would be obvious candidates.

Jorge (David, Chiriquí, Panamá):

An Amazing advance! Thank's to Emirates and Boeing for the 777-200LR, with this new route , it's a full open window to the people of latin america and Panamá.
Thanks ;)

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

That is quite a long flight, I hope everyone gets a chance to stand up and walk around during the 17 to 18 hour flight. The decision for Emirates to serve Panama City was quite a surprise .

Manos (Greece):

The 77L in these ultra long range routes is the perfect match. That's why this aircraft was built for. Looking forward to see more users of this exceptional aircraft performing such routes worldwide.

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