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More than 22 years after we first launched the 767 Freighter, the airplane continues to make headlines. This week, we announced the 767 production rate would increase to 2.5 airplanes per month in the fourth quarter of 2017.

It comes just a couple of months after FedEx ordered 50 additional 767 Freighters, the largest single order for any version of the 767 in program history.

It’s no wonder this airplane keeps making news—because we keep making it better. We continue to invest in both the production line and the airplane because it’s filling a unique segment in the marketplace and providing value to our customers. Earlier this year, we introduced an engine performance improvement package (PIP) that will provide an additional 0.5 percent fuel efficiency improvement.


Inside the 767 factory in Everett. Gail Hanusa photo.

Our friends at WestJet recently received their first 767-300ER, one of four the airline will soon deploy from Alberta to Hawaii, between Toronto and Montego Bay, Jamaica, and for the launch of WestJet’s new service to London Gatwick in May 2016.

The 767 program has a healthy backlog extending midway into the next decade, and sales campaigns are ongoing.

I know the 767 is a personal favorite for many travelers, and continues to be a favorite among our cargo customers. Congratulations to everyone on the program for their hard work.

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Craig P. (Los Angeles, CA):

Congratulations on an excellent program. How much more efficient is the 767-300ER today than the first such model that flew in the late 1980s?

Manos (Greece):

After all, I think that "The Force" is actually with the 767 and Dreamliner is after it too!

John L (Tucson, Arizona):

Nice deal for Boeing and the customer. There is allot of worry about a gap in 777X production from existing 777-300ER. This production increase will help offset any potential reductions in 777s.


Paul Samrane (Dallas, TX ):

Congratulations! Go Boeing!

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

The 767 still has a long life ahead in the freighter market.

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