Jumbo-sized decal

There’s nothing quite like getting out on the road and meeting with our airline customers face to face. Today on a beautiful morning, I had the pleasure of seeing Cargolux’s newest 747-8 Freighter join the fleet at its home base in Luxembourg.


Cargolux’s newest 747-8 Freighter arrives with a special livery in Luxembourg.

This delivery was all the more special as the airplane featured a light-hearted decal, which took a comic approach to Cargolux’s slogan “You name it, we fly it.”


The airplane rolling out of the Everett paint hangar. Moa Sigurdardotti photos.

Created by Belgian cartoonist Philippe Cruyt, the decal was commissioned to celebrate Cargolux’s 45th anniversary of operations. It showcases the airline’s ability to carry unusual and oversized cargo using the unique capabilities of the 747-8 Freighter, with a strong dash of humor and just a little artistic license.



This was the largest decal Boeing has ever applied to an airplane and consisted of 460 individual parts.


I think the photos from today speak for themselves, but I want to say a huge congratulations to Cargolux on its latest delivery and its 45th anniversary. And hats off to the team in Everett for pulling off this feat. Check out more photos on the Cargolux Facebook page.


Here’s me speaking with some of the media gathered for the airplane’s arrival in Luxembourg.

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Dr Dorothy (USA):

Congratulations to Cargolux booms for the European air cargo market besides our USA air cargo market which carried about 76,504 tons of freight monthly and also recorded a continuously high daily aircraft utilization rate at 15.52 hours per day for its fleet, one of the highest in the industry,and will be even more in the future with the latest Boeing newest 747-8 Freighters and when the US-EU FTA coming deal !

Again, congratulations to Boeing, 747-8 Freighters, Everett, Cargolux, Luxembourg, Belgian cartoonist Philippe Cruyt and etc etc etc and all Boeing people with great leaderships and efforts !

Patrick (SeaTac, WA, USA):

I was happy to go out plane spotting at SEA-TAC on Monday, Sept. 28, and get both arrival and departure pics of this Cargolux 748. It was a total surprise to find the special livery. I posted a pic on the Aviation Lovers Facebook page.

Samuel Emenike (Iganmun,Lagos,Nigeria):

Call it cargo irrespecive size and nature Cargolux will deliver it to your destinaion.

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

That's quite a paint job on the 747, the painting of the car seems larger than the car itself. Very well done.

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