MAX on the move

There are a lot of new “firsts” to share today from our Renton factory. Final assembly of the very first 737 MAX is now underway—on our brand new third final assembly line.


Mechanics have attached the wings to the body of the first 737 MAX.

Wing-to-body join is now complete. And as you can see, those wings feature our new Advanced Technology winglets. Designed exclusively for the MAX, they’ll give our airline customers up to 1.8 percent additional fuel-efficiency improvement over today’s inline winglet designs.


An overhead view of the first 737 MAX in final assembly.


A close up look at Boeing’s new Advanced Technology winglets. The winglet on the left is the first production AT winglet for airplane 1 and the winglet on the right is a test article.

We remain on track to roll out this first 737 MAX by the end of the year and fly it in early 2016. Launch customer Southwest Airlines is scheduled to take delivery in the third quarter of 2017.


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Thiagarajan K Rengasamy (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia):

Looking forward to 737 MAX first flight!

Cristiano Arruda (Campo Grande, MS, Brazil.):

Are the windows of the 737 Max a bit larger than the current ones?

Manos (Greece):

Few years ago, with the introduction of 737BBJ, winglets were nothing but an elegant finish on the wing. Over testing, are proven to be something more...adding some more performance to a given aircraft. More range for a given fuel burn, more payload for a given route, less T/O Run, etc. Nowadays, a more efficient design is on the way... And MAX is not only an aerodynamic improved aircraft, but a lot more. Is a whole half generation forward project on the same design we all loved, with the known reliability/availability all users trust!
Happy to hear such in-progress news!!!

TC (Mount Vernon, WA):

Very cool winglets. One thing I notice is the sweep angle seems greater than on previous winglets. An interesting evolution in both sweep and cant, compared to the earlier split tip on the MD-11.

Daniel D (Toronto, Ontario, Canada):

Great photos on the progress, Randy. Always a pleasure seeing another new aircraft take shape. If I may offer a suggestion though - could us readers get an option to enlarge photos? Currently, the photos are very small and almost thumbnail-like, which takes away a lot of the finer detail that I'm sure we'd all love to see.

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

The first 737 MAX is coming to life and the second and third decade of 737 production in the 21st century is secured in Renton.

Dr Dorothy (USA ( born in USA)):

Congratulations to Boeing 737 MAX !

When the (IRON BIRD)= BOEING appears in the sky, the Catholic will reveal which is all latest advancement of science, medicines, aerospace, hi tech, IT, maths, geology, economy, finance and etc etc etc !

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