787 growing in Middle East

I always like to point out when our 787 customers take delivery of their first airplane. Over the weekend, Oman Air took delivery of the first of six 787-8s.


The airline will deploy the Dreamliner on routes to Saudi Arabia and Europe. Oman is the fourth airline in the Middle East to take delivery of the 787.


Boeing now has eight 787 customers in the Middle East with 175 Dreamliners ordered and 140 in backlog.


Congrats to Oman Air and enjoy this beautiful airplane.

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Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

Very nice livery on the 787. Congrats to Boeing and Oman Air on the delivery of the 787. I am sure the passengers and crew will love it.

Manos (Greece):

There's no need for a special livery when we 're talking about Oman Air. Dreamliner looks gorgeous under Oman's colours. Be quick Boeing!!! Clients are waiting for more 787s!!!

Andrew Boydston (Boise ID USA):

About 332 Dreamliners are in the hands of customers at this time. Oman Air has turned another Dreamliner page. This once novelty has become an elegant standard. Oman Air has started its Dreamliner journey. For all the millions of people, parts, and places. This aircraft stands up having a significant pose, as if for the first time it commands the airspace. Well done Oman Air and its partners. The Dreamliner success story continues to get legs.


It didn't started good for this Boeing type 787.
Boeing prove it know what it is doing when it claim it build the best plans.The 787 is now growing by leap and bound and will make Boeing a lot of money.Its a beauty to see at various airport.keep up the good work Boeing.

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