Growing for the future

Today, a little more than a year and half after we first started construction, we officially opened our newly expanded Seattle Delivery Center at Boeing Field.


The newly expanded Seattle Delivery Center.

This enhanced delivery center will be key in our 737 production plans. It more than doubles the size of the old facility and features three covered jetways—looking more like a small airport. It’s just one of the investments we’ve recently made across the Puget Sound region.


The flightline shows all the 737s waiting to be delivered at our Seattle Delivery Center.


This beautiful new center will not only give our airline customers a world-class facility to pick up their new airplanes, but it will give us the room we need as the 737 program continues to go up in production rate.


Cutting the ribbon to officially open the expanded Seattle Delivery Center.

The Seattle Delivery Center has delivered more than 12,000 commercial airplanes from Boeing Field since the first Boeing 707 was delivered in 1958. We look forward to delivering many more airplanes from this fresh new space.

Comments (2)

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

The white plane in the end of the line in the top picture looks peculiar, congrats on the Seattle Delivery Centers refurbishment.

Paul Stokes (Sebastopol. CA 95472):

Most impressive. When I was based in BFI with Flying Tigers working our daily C-46 cargo service we watched with awe the test flights of the B-707. Fond and great memories. Congratulations on your competitive progress. SrVP/Pacific Region/FTL/FEDEX. Ret.

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