Third quarter accomplishments

It was another strong quarter for Boeing, with a lot of great accomplishments on the Commercial Airplanes side of the business.

During the third quarter, we delivered a record 199 airplanes— 7 percent more than the same time last year. Those deliveries included the 325th 787.


The 787 factory in Everett.

We began final assembly of the 737 MAX and achieved power-on for the first airplane. This is an important milestone because it’s the first time systems on the airplane are integrated and talking to each other.


New large flight deck displays are lit up in the first 737 MAX flight deck demonstrating that power is on. Marian Lockhart photo.

Korean Air took delivery of the first of 10 747-8 Intercontinentals, and we painted another 747-8 Freighter in an updated Seattle Seahawks livery.


The first 747-8 Intercontinental for Korean Air.


A 747-8 Freighter in Seahawks livery. Katie Lomax photo.

FedEx ordered 50 767 Freighters— the largest-ever single order for the 767. The program also announced it will increase its production rate to 2.5 airplanes per month beginning in the fourth quarter of 2017.


FedEx placed a record order for the 767 program.

We completed firm configuration on the 777X and began implementing the advanced, automated fuselage production technology (also known as FAUB) on the 777 line which will improve safety, quality and flow time, and ensure a smooth transition to the 777X.


The Fuselage Automated Upright Build, or FAUB.

Delivery guidance for the year is being bumped up by five airplanes to 755 to 760 units.

Our focus for the rest of this year remains on delivering airplanes to our customers as quickly as possible. With a backlog of nearly 5,700 airplanes valued $426 billion—that’s a lot of work to do. And we look forward to the challenge.

You can check out more third quarter highlights in this video.

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Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

The 737 MAX flightdeck looks pretty awesome. Believe that's a significant increase over the current already impressive Next Generation.

All of the Boeing Company accomplishments this quarter are notable. Particularly the number of Dreamliners in service, that huge FedEx order, and the leaner automated assembly processes being adopted for the 777.

Looks like Boeing will be a $100 billion enterprise just in time for its centenary - that's incredible.


Congratulation on such a good work of beating your last record.
.it wont surprise me one bit if boeing deleivered 800 plan this year.

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

Great orders and deliveries in this quarter. I like the progression of the 737 MAX and the development of the 777X program.

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