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It’s hard to believe that Qatar Airways now has 25 787s in its fleet. We delivered airplane numbers 24 and 25 to the airline today in Everett.


Dreamliner #25 for Qatar Airways.

Qatar CEO Akbar Al Baker said something about the Dreamliner during today’s ceremony that really stood out to me: “What was once just a dream is now a global star.”

We appreciate the endorsement— and we’re proud to keep putting those airplanes into your hands. Enjoy these photos of the delivery ceremony from Boeing photographer Colleen Pfeilschiefter.


The 24th 787 for Qatar (left) and the 25th 787 for Qatar (right) frame the delivery ceremony.


The 25th Dreamliner for Qatar with the airline’s newest 777-300ER in the background.


Making it official with a signing ceremony.


Cutting the ribbon on a milestone.

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Andrew Boydston (Boise ID USA):

Awesome news Boeing/Randy. As a frequent reader of your Blog, I can only concur with the excitement. Qatar is one of the World's foremost wide body operator's. Qatar has much to be proud of as it expands its reach with the next two 787's just delivered. Competitor's watch what other airlines do and try figuring out how an edge can be gained over the competition. Qatar is one of those airlines worth watching. The 24 787's already delivered with Qatar is a significant test for any airline looking for an edge. The 787 has started to leverage the world market with about 343 787's in service at this time.

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

The 787 has made Qatar Airways very versatile in important destinations that may not be viable with larger aircraft. Congrats on 25 787 deliveries.

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