October tally

October turned out to be another strong month when it came to getting airplanes into the hands of our customers.

We delivered 58 airplanes, bringing our year to date total to 638. One year ago, our year to date total stood at 590. That’s a pretty remarkable jump. Congratulations to our teams for that accomplishment.

Deliveries for the month included 39 737s, 11 787s, six 777s, one 767 and one 747. A total of 39 different customers accounted for those airplanes.

As always, the final weeks of 2015 will be a very busy time in our Everett, Renton and North Charleston factories. But it will also be a very exciting time as the first 737 MAX continues to make its way down the line in Renton—and as the Everett site continues to prepare for the 777X.

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Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

Those are good numbers for the end of the year, I am quite impressed with the number of 787s that have been delivered in the month.

Josef Rusman (Humpty Doo, NT 0936 Australia):

I am 73 and I remember, as a young man living in communist Czechoslovakia,standing in the hall of Prague airport I watched a landing B727-200 and I whispered for myself the span, the length, the number of passengers it can take,...etc

These days, as an Australian and still working I wouldn't go to bed until I check what is happening in Boeing.
News like this make my day.

Many thanks Randy.

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