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As we approach the end of the year, I wanted to take the opportunity to look back at how the aviation market has performed in 2015—as well as look ahead to what we expect in the New Year.

In the second installment of my Audio Journal podcast, I sat down with one of our in-house prognosticators to look into the crystal ball. Click below to listen.

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anjul (UAE):

A little bit of stats/data would have made the podcast more informative. Without data it seemed a very general conversation .
Boeings perspective and focus areas also did not emerge clearly.
Looking forward to hear another one.

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

The air freight market is a bit slow in part because of slow growth and that there are not a lot of large dedicated air carriers line Fed Ex and UPS. Also, I think cargo carriers are happy with the second hand commercial aircraft that they have but at least Fed Ex has ordered brand new 767 freighters to replace A300s, and A310s.

I think the Middle East despite the problems that are happening right now remains a strong for growth as states slowly transition from solely producing oil to being tourist destinations. Iraqi Airways has some outstanding orders but who knows what may become of Iran Air if the parent country gets an uptick in the economy from changed economic policy and disavowment of nuclear weapons and related items. They could have large orders if the younger more urbane people have their way.

I certainly like the good news about the single aisle market. Almost 3,000 737 MAX have been ordered, larger than the 737 original and classics order combined. I think the 737 will be in production for all of the next decade with more to come after that.

Abdolhossein Safari (Tehran,Iran):

Dear Randy please publish more technical information and performance and quality of Boeing products in contrast Airbus products
Where I am living the public are truly fond of Boeing aircrafts and eager to see Boeing airplanes in Iran airlines after sanctions relief

Mr Duncan Gillies (England ):

Dear Customer

B787-8 Bristrih Airways
Very Good Heathrow T5

Your Sir
Duncan Gillies

William Plazibat (Tucson , AZ , 85704):

I think that with the B777X coming that Allen M should be in a video about the 7 7 7 .


If its not a BOEING -
Iam not going!


William Alexander Plazibat (Tucson, AZ, 85704):

Merry Christmas


Williiam A Plazibat

Thank you,

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