Hitting 100

The team at Boeing South Carolina has reached a major milestone. This week, they rolled out the 100th 787 built at the site.


The airplane will now undergo system checks, fueling and engine runs on the flight line.


The 787-8 will be delivered to American Airlines next year.


Congrats to the entire team in North Charleston.

Comments (2)

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

Congrats on 100 787 deliveries out of Charleston. No longer such a long wait for a plane that is useful now.

Monteith, David (Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada):

Congratulation 787 Charleston Team.
We here up in Canada are very proud of your milestone of 100 Amazing 787 accomplishments. With all the doors (M.L.G.D , R.A.T and E.C.S) we proudly deliver to your Team ,one can see many doors will always be opening for the future.

Thank You

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