100,000 milestone

The number is mind-boggling. Today at Sea-Tac Airport, ANA marked its 100,000th revenue flight with the 787. ANA becomes the first airline in the world to reach this impressive milestone. With this, ANA has also accumulated approximately a quarter of all 787 revenue flights.


Celebrating at Sea-Tac. All photos by Jim Anderson.

ANA was the launch customer of the 787 and now operates the world’s largest Dreamliner fleet of 44 787s, including the 787-8 and 787-9. The airline has 39 unfilled 787 orders, including orders for the 787-10.


The 787 has formed the backbone of ANA’s international fleet, allowing them to establish new routes worldwide to North America, Europe and Southeast Asia.


To date, the 787 has flown more than 75 million passengers on more than 350 routes around the world, including more than 90 new nonstop routes.

Congratulations to ANA on today’s milestone and thanks for giving all those 787s a good workout.

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Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

Those 787s can make any relatively large airline effective and versatile on the cities that they can fly to with the range and fuel efficiency that the 787 has. ANA looks like it has done very well.

Julien (France):


First of all, my best to you and yours for a safe and happy New year 2016.
Plenty of success for Boeing and the employees.
Only one question: What about the 757 replacement?
Airbus is gaining a lot of orders with the A321 Neo and LR against Boeing with the 737MAX9. The market designed the winner: A321Neo and LR and Boeing continues claiming that the 737 MAX 9 is better. Why Boeing doesn't open the eyes and produce a new 757 replacement? Why only to focus on the shareholders revenue?
Maybe Boeing needs Airbus to become the main plane maker in the future. We expect Boeing to get his place of number one and not to be a challenger.

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