Week of the 737

Our team in Renton got one good piece of news after another this week.

On Friday, we announced the first flight of the 737 MAX is now set for January 29. While that’s always subject to weather and a lot of other factors, it shows we’re right on track.


The first 737 MAX is ready for its first flight.

As the 737 MAX preps for its first flight, the Next-Generation 737 continues to add to its order backlog. United Airlines and Southwest Airlines announced orders for more of the airplanes during their earnings reports on Thursday.

United ordered 40 737-700s. We’re thrilled to continue adding Boeing airplanes to their fleet. As you know, Bombardier was aggressively positioning its C-Series jet in this campaign.

Southwest also announced its order for 33 737-800s, which was booked in December. We appreciate them for flying an all-Boeing fleet.


A 737-800 for Southwest makes its way down the line in Renton.

Thanks to all of our 737 customers for keeping us busy in Renton. I’m looking forward to seeing the MAX takes to the skies for the first time in the coming days.

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Andrew Boydston (Boise ID USA):

Congratulations Boeing, it's going to be a Boeing Big Year(BBY). While being constrained by customer preference for announcing orders, Boeing has many more irons in the fire, but January is indicating a big year BBY, as a preferred viewing opportunity exists for launching its birds. Jack Black, Steve Martin, and Owen Wilson concur on this topic. :)

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

I can't wait for the 737 MAX first flight, only three days from now.

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