I wanted to share some photos during my time at the recent Singapore Airshow, where I got a dose of “Scoot-i-tude.” That’s the positive attitude reflected by our friends at Scoot who showed off one of their 787s at the show.


The Scoot 787 at the Singapore Airshow.

It was great to see the excitement and passion that people have for the airline. As I walked around the show dressed in one of Scoot’s bright yellow shirts, I got a thumbs up from folks who mistook me for an airline employee.


Here’s me with Scoot’s CEO Campbell Wilson.

What was most impressive is the job that Scoot did with their 787-9. It shows just how flexible the airplane can be, allowing airlines to operate and configure it for their business model.


Inside the Scoot 787.


Me with Scoot’s flight attendants.

It was also interesting to see so many airlines from outside the region come to Singapore for the show. Thanks to everyone for making the show so memorable.


The line of Boeing airplane models on display at Singapore.

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Henry Tan (Singapore):

Hi Randy, it's great to have finally met you; at the show. You look smashing in the scoot attire, and your own display of “Scoot-i-tude” :-)
Hope you will feature the special guest for this blog in April. Looking forward to hear from him.

Julien (France):

Dear Mr. RANDY,

Why Boeing continues to lose time for the replacement of the 757?Airbus is capturing a lot of market share when Boeing is always thinking about.
I don't know if Boeing has decided to become a challenger and not the first like before.
Why not to launch IMMEDIATELY the ultra modern 737 Max to compete against A 321 neo? 737-9 MAX is outsold . Don't try to convince that it's the best against A321 neo. The market has already chosen.

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

Scoot will soon be an all 787 airline and have the youngest effective fleet in the world, amazing. Congrats on the 787's going to Scoot.

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