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As promised, we’re using our latest podcast to field questions from our blog readers. We’ve received a lot great topics for this edition— everything from the so-called Middle of the Market airplane to the A350-1100/8000.

To listen, click below. And be sure to send your questions to

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Andrew P Boydston (Boise ID USA):

Loved the podcast. You answered a lot my contemplations about the Boeing market. I sent in a question that will point towards five years and further out. Hope you can paraphrase the question better and will select it in the next podcast.


Jerry (Phoenix):

I am enjoying these podcasts and hope you do them more often. I'd like to hear one devoted to the future of the 747 and A380.

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

The Airbus A350-1100/8000 is a curious design, It's something that I have read on aviation boards for a little while but no diagram has been officially made.

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