So fly

The first production 737 MAX has entered the building. In other words, the first MAX we’ll deliver to launch customer Southwest Airlines is now in final assembly inside our Renton factory— fresh on the heels of our flight test airplanes moving down the line.

It’s great to see the Southwest livery on the new winglets— or as our friends at Southwest called the winglets— “so fly.” All photos by Paul Gordon.




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Denny (Dallas):

We are waiting to see it as fans of Southwest and Boeing. Looking forward to it.

Junio Oliveira (Brasil):

This Boeing 737 Max for Southwest will participate in the test program?

James Baloun (Sunnyvale, California, USA):

As the 737 MAX enters production the 777X is not far behind. Like many industries, the aircraft industry is excited about the promise of additive manufacturing (also known as 3d printing) to produce parts that were previously impossible. Parts that are more efficient, economical, and better performing.

It occurs to me that with a little stretch of the definition of '3d printing', the 777X composite wing tooling just might be the largest 3d printer in the world.

Bruno Nacinovich (Mobile Alabama):

BRAVO SOUTHWEST , you are the best and getting better .
Keep up the good work .

Bruno Nacinovich
Q.C. Inspector
VT Aerospace Mobile

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

Just wait until we see the engines on the aircraft. The first 737 MAX for Southwest looks great!

Randy Tinseth:

Hi Junio,

This is the first production MAX that will be delivered to Southwest, but it will not be part of the flight test program.

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