Super Hero paint job

Here’s something every movie and comic book fan can truly appreciate. Our friends at Turkish Airlines have painted a 777-300ER in a special livery to promote the upcoming Warner Bros. film Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.


We’re told that in the movie, a pivotal scene unfolds on board a Turkish Airlines 777. You can read more about the special promotion here, and enjoy the video below.

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Who would have ever guessed the Turks would be interested in Batman and Superman? But when they use Your Air lines & one of your Aircraft that changes the dynamics.......

Burak KAPLAN (İstanbul,Turkey):

will be second #BatmanvSuperman livery??

Jeffrey Magnet (Newton, MA.):

Very cool. That said has this new livery been flown yet?

ALİ GÜNGÖR (turkey):


Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

First ever Batman themed airplane I have seen, amazing!

Luca (Zurich, Switzerland):

Why they are not making Superman leaning all the way from nose to tail like its flying ? It would be even better.

Jennifer Wilson (us):

That's looking very nice and painted so well i like that jobPainting contractor

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