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Earlier this week, we delivered our 400th 787. The delivery to Scoot came at Boeing South Carolina—and will go down in our history books.


The 400th 787 to be delivered went to Scoot. The airplane is pictured at our Boeing South Carolina delivery center. Photos by Alan Marts.

It marks the fastest accomplishment of that many deliveries for any twin-aisle commercial airplane—and the fastest for any of our airplanes since the 727.

The delivery came four years and seven months after the first 787 was handed over in September 2011. The 727 program reached the 400 milestone in April 1967, three years and six months after its first delivery.


Congratulations to our teams in Everett and North Charleston on this impressive milestone. To track all of the 787s in the air at any given moment, check out our 787 flight tracker.

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Rene J. Perez (Puerto Rico):

I have followed the Dreamliner since it was only
a dream.I am just an aviation enthusiast, and hope
some day I can enjoy a flight in one.I have seen one
in Houston but there are no 787 in my route to El Paso,Texas where I go every year to see my sons.There are not many flying donmestic.

Clarence & Carla Martin (Lititz, PA):

Our son Joel Martin, as a Boeing engineer, was part of the crew which just delivered this 400th 787 to Singapore. We are so proud of him and the Boeing Company.

Per Mellin (Gothenburg SWEDEN):

CONGRATULATIONS to a very comfortable plane to fly. I had the opportunity to fly the Dreamliner roundtrip CPH-LAX-LGW-GOT last fall FULLY ENJOYING my flights in higher pressurized a compartment with fresher air. I SALUTE your wonderful planes, also having tried the B747-8 from Frankfurt to LAX.

Andrew Boydston (Boise ID USA):

My bad, I noted Etihad as #400 on the same day delivery event. If it is Scoot having the honors, then so be it! It is a pleasing Milestone for the amount of technology represented by the 787. When comparing the 777 program, I read somewhere it took 3,400 days reaching four hundred delivered while the 787 came in at 3,300 days. Even with its technological delays, the 787 remains a modern marvel and is the template for future aircraft going forward during the 21st century. Remarkable!

Mostafa Mansoori (California):

I've been monitoring the 787 Dreamliner program since mid 2007....great work, looking forward to flying on day if God so wills, amen.

Antonio (SFO):

Nice to see an American made product soar. I am proud of Boeing keeping the American spirit alive. Working in SFO I see the Boeing product all day everyday. GO BOEING!

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

Congrats on the fast deliveries on the 787, great work on a great product.

Rick Tell - retired (Costa Rica):

Congratulations to the procurement community and the suppliers that worked so hard in near impossible conditions to make this possible!

Paul Su (Fountain Valley, CA, USA):

Is there a simple way to find out which airlines are flying 787s on which routes? Like many 787 enthusiasts / Boeing retirees, I would love to experience a real flight of dreams on a Dreamliner very soon. Thank you!

Roberto Urruela Penney (Guatemala City, Guatemala):

I have always been proud of Boeing airplanes since I first flew a Boeing 707 fifty years ago.
I have flown many times both the 777-300ER and 787-9 around the world and can testify that those are the best airplanes in the market.
Congratulations Boeing on your amazing milestone.

kudiabor jerome (Accra Ghana ):

I have heard much about Boeing but have not seen one myself. I understand the weight of your plan is such that it can not land in Ghana .hope to see one in my life time.i will like to work with your company.

ugochukwu (kaduna nigeria):

great piece of art and engineering... what a beauty to behold,...go all the way boeing

John J (Toronto. Canada):

Just came Narita- Seattle on ANA 787. 2 nd 786 flight. The pressurization makes a big difference to your well being. Can't wait for the 777X

Dave Henry (Loveland, Ohio):

I work on the 767, the 757 and the 737-800. I love Boeing as a company and was a QC inspector on the 767.,I'd love to see a 787 but, Cincinatti is to small of a market for this plane. Maybe someday I can ride on one. Congrats Boeing. You make a great airplane!

Gilbert Pesenti (France):

Congratulations to all whose efforts managed to turn around this troubled project.
If Boeing know how and industrial might prevailed , management of this project left a lot to be desired.
An inconditionnal Boeing fan , I look forward to flying in this beautiful looking machine.
Well done everyone ....

Elena (Bethesda, MD):

Congratulations to all Boeing team. You work is amazing! flying it is a dream come true thank you!!

Andrew Boydston (Boise ID USA):

Randy, please give us insight (via blog) regarding the China Eastern Sale for 15 787-9's. This is a Sea Change moment worthy of your comment, since Motley Fool just featured the China Eastern transaction, who also has a predominate fleet from another manufacturer. I say Boeing has established a beachhead in the Chinese Market place in the world's head to head competition. Congratulations!

enrique moreno (caracas venezuela ):

flew recently from bogota to madrid RT , was a nice flight , i had other options , but wanted to fly in a 787 , great experience specialy in the way back it was half empty , dont know why , but i prefer BOEING airplanes

Brian Olson (Everett, WA):

Why do all of the milestone 787's come out of South Carolina?

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