9,000 and counting

The world’s best-selling airplane just reached another impressive milestone. Today, we delivered the 9,000th 737.


The 9000th 737 is delivered to China United.

The airplane, a 737-800, is going to China United and we were excited to celebrate with them at Boeing Field.


From the Classics, to the Next-Generation, to the MAX— the 737 just keeps getting better. With one 737 taking off or landing every 1.7 seconds, the airplane is the industry’s workhorse. On average, over 2,400 737s are in the air at any given time.

Here’s a look back at other 737 delivery milestones. Thanks to all of our 737 customers through the years— and into the future.


8000th delivery: April 2014, United, 737-900ER.


7000th delivery: December 2011, flydubai, 737-800.


6000th delivery: April 2009, ILFC (for Norwegian Air Shuttle), 737-800.


5000th delivery: February 2006, Southwest, 737-700.


4000th delivery: June 2001, Air Algerie, 737-800. (we have no photo of the actual airplane. This photo shows a 737 delivered to Air Algerie in July of 2001)


3000th delivery: February 1998, Alaska, 737-400.


2000th delivery: February 1991, Lufthansa, 737-500.


1000th delivery: December 1983, Delta, 737-200.

Comments (5)

Edgar (Seattle):

Go 737! Congrats to all of you for this true workhorse.

John Coger (Spokane, Wa):

Hello Randy-
I found this article to be very informative as to just how many airplanes have been provided to the flight industry we know today because of Boeing. I was unaware of just how many airplanes Boeing has produced until viewing your post. Good Job and keep up the great work.

Howard (Taneytown, MD USA):

Change of topic, but I have had a great wallpaper on my PC of the 787 and 747 flying in formation. Unfortunately the PC died and I need new wallpaper for my iMac. Do you have any great pics of the 737Max that can be used?

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

The time interval keeps getting smaller and smaller between the prior thousand 737s to the next thousand. Congrats on 9,000 737s delivered.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Incredible achievement. Each successive thousand had been reached seemingly faster, it's incredible noting that it's been accelerating upwards.

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