AvGeek Fest 2016

I wanted to share a few photos from this past weekend’s Aviation Geek Fest. The event, which attracts Boeing fans from all over world, seems to be getting bigger and better every year.


I got to speak to AvGeek Fest attendees during dinner at the Future of Flight in Everett.

I had the pleasure of speaking to the group during their dinner at the Future of Flight in Everett, sharing the very latest on our airplane development programs.


Just some of the groups who got up close and personal with the new 737 MAX.

The group also toured our Everett and Renton factories— even getting the chance to see the first 737 MAX test airplane. The Museum of Flight was also one of their tour stops.


Touring the 787 line in Everett.

This year’s attendees came from all over the U.S., as well as Canada, the UK, Austria, Australia, Philippines, the UAE and India. Thanks for visiting— and most of all, thanks for your support of Boeing.

Comments (4)

Bill n DC (Washington DC):

How to i get on the invite list for AvGeek Fest 2017? What fun!

Jonathan (Stamford,CT):

Thanks for everything you did for us. An absolutely amazing weekend. My only regret was flying home on a JetBlue Airbus.

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

The place to be in the Seattle area, I would of loved to have gone!

Justin (USA):

I was looking back an i was in two of these pictures, thanks again for the greta event.

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