Going international

The 737 MAX continues to be right on track—and will soon be going international for flight testing. Our third MAX airplane took its first flight today.


The third MAX test airplane takes off on its first flight from Renton Field on April 14. Monica Wehri photo.


Air to air photo of MAX #3. John D. Parker photo.


Another air to air with the third MAX. John D. Parker photo.

Meanwhile, airplanes #1 and #2 have now completed over 50 flights combined. We’ve wrapped up everything from low speed stability and control tests, to flutter testing—which the head of the MAX program describes as “whisper smooth.”


The first MAX test airplane is seen here. Paul Weatherman photo.


Here’s an air to air photo of MAX #2 in the skies of California. John D. Parker photo.

Looking ahead, airplane #2 will soon head down to La Paz, Bolivia for high altitude testing. That will mark the first international trip for the MAX test fleet.

And airplane #4 will soon emerge from our factory configured in a full passenger interior, before heading across the globe to complete other testing.

We look forward to continue putting the MAX through its paces here at home— and all over the world.

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Nicholas Hofmeyr (Johannesburg South Africa ):

Will the Max do any trails in South Africa?

Noor Abbas Mirza (Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan):

This is amazing. My team in Pakistan is working our this story to boost it among the airlines registered and operating in Pakistan.

Very well done Boeing, you are forever love.

Peter Jones (Brisbane, Australia):

As I am an aviation fan / photographer is the aircraft coming to Australia, more specifically Brisbane at any stage during testing or possibly later on demo flights?

Spencer H, Mukai (Vancouver, WA 98683):

I'm just an Boeing fan and keep reading these progress posts. Sounds like the 737 Max program is on the roll. Keep these updates coming in. Looking forward to sitting in one in the years to come. THANK You.

Mukong (New zealand):

Very beautiful bird indeed and congrats to the design team for this creation however, Boeing might have overlooked or underestimated the A321 neo challenge. Have they done a double stretch to extend the range and px capability to SAy 260 px, perhaps by now the sales figure might not be heavily skewed to the 21s. The ground clearance problem to accommodate the bigger engine required is,to me, unsurmountable. Just my vibes

mukong78 (new zealand):

Sorry. I mean the ground clearance problem is surmountable.

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

Great shots of the 737 MAX in flight, I like the one with the place going up above the clouds. On the bottom one you can see the serrated trailing edges of the engine nacelles.

Al-Amin Yusuph (Dar es Salaam):

Africa is a very small market for Boeing and Airbus but is also the fastest growing continent. Looking into the future Africa is poised to be a market for both A and B products. Fly the Max to Africa and offer good discounts to the future market!

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