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After wrapping up the first quarter of the year, I wanted to take a look at where things stand on the orders and deliveries front.

As of April 5, we’ve booked 122 net orders for the year. In just the past week, we booked 17 new orders — including four 747-8 Freighters, one 777 Freighter, two 737 MAXs and 10 Next-Generation 737s.

On the deliveries side, our teams in Renton, Everett and North Charleston handed over 176 airplanes to our customers in the first quarter. As always, those totals will vary throughout the year—primarily driven by when our customers take delivery.

We delivered 121 737s and 30 787s. Both of those totals are identical to the figures from last year’s first quarter.

The 767 total reflects that while tankers are being built on that production line, they haven’t been delivered yet. And customer timing on freighter deliveries impacted the 747 program’s total.

Production rate increases for the 767 program happen this month— and are just around the corner for the 787 program. Congratulations to all of our teams for getting those airplanes into the hands of our customers as quickly as possible.

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Maciej Rumprecht (Ny, NY USA):

On the 787 flighttracker you have Vietnam planes under the 787-8 while they have only taken 787-9s. Congrats on the quarter. Excited for the ramp up to 12 per month for 787. Estimate is H1 '16 but it looks like 12 entered body join in Feb. already underway?

Andrew P Boydston (Trapperpk@aol.com):

Focus over talking points from others is what's for the first quarter 2016. The ordering is never in sync with production and production pays the bills for any forward leaning program. Congratulation Boeing for leading in orders and production the first quarter 2016. The "A" company talking is not keeping pace with Boeing's results so far to date. Keep on keeping on, the world is starting to get it!

Thiagarajan K Rengasamy (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia):

Thank you for the update and glad there are some order for 747-8

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

The most noteworthy news was the big order from United Airlines for the 737-700.

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