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It’s rare that our customers allow access inside one of their BBJs. But at this week’s ABACE show in Shanghai, we’re showing off a BBJ and giving you a look inside this 737.


This is the first turnkey BBJ to Greater China—which means that Boeing Business Jets managed the entire completion process and handed the airplane over to the customer.

As usual, we aren’t revealing the customer. But enjoy the photos.





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Pete Comps (Hampshire, IL USA):

Interesting rectangular windows. I've never seen a 737 with such large windows; were those factory-installed, or an after-market modification?

One thing I've always noticed about Boeing's window shades (on everything but the 787, which doesn't have them), is that when the shade is up, the upper portion of the window is still blocked by the shade. The "frame" around the window should allow the shade to go up higher so that the window is fully exposed when the shade is open. As is, even an average-sized person must lean over to see "up" out the window. These rectangular windows look larger, and the shade seems to obscure less of the upper portion of the window.

Can we get those windows on regular 737s?

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

"MTV Cribs" BBJ edition. The champagne looks nice! The bedroom area looks larger than those found on cruise ships!

Johan Björklund (Stockholm, Sweden):

Nice pictures, Randy.

Out of curiosity, what is the range of this aircraft?

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