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The engine that will eventually power our new 777X has now started ground testing. The GE9X is being tested at GE Aviation’s Peebles Testing Operation in Ohio.

This marks a significant milestone in the development of the engine and the program.


Designed specifically for the 777X, the new GE9X engine has started ground testing.

Maturation testing of the GE9X began five years ago and has progressed from component-level all the way to the first full engine to test—also known as FETT.

FETT brings all the GE9X technologies together to demonstrate what they can do as a complete propulsion system. This also gives us early information on the engine’s aerodynamic and thermal characteristics. Check out the videos below.

GE Aviation says the results of the initial engine run were very positive. We look forward to working together with GE to deliver the 777X to our customers.


Comments (2)

Robert (Vancouver, Canada):

Hi Randy,

Will this new engine be larger in diameter than the current 777 engines profile and is there any savings in weight.

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

The engine test stand looks more like a rock gantry flame deflector, very huge. The engine looks impressive in size!

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