All in the family

I wanted to share some beautiful new photos of the 737 MAX flight test family. We’re excited that all four test airplanes are now in the air. Enjoy!


MAX #1 flying over downtown Seattle. Paul Weatherman photo.


MAX #2 in La Paz, Bolivia. Ruben Cuellar photo.


MAX #3 during its first flight in April. John D. Parker photo.


The entire MAX test fleet at Boeing Field. Paul Weatherman photo.

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ISO Certification Training Institute (New Delhi, India):

We ought to Thank you for useful info in your Journal. At our ISO Training Institute, we often mention Boeing Organization as a transformation phenomena in terms of robust processes and systems evolved steadily over a period of time. One question which our students often ask is ,"Is it true that amount of documentation it takes to manufacture a Boeing plane is more than the weight of the aircraft itself?. This is more a philosophical thought, pertainiing to "lean documentation", that how much is "optimum" in terms of documentation.
Thanks & Regards
S Sharma
ISO Certification Training Institute

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

A lot of speculation on changing the length of the 737-7 and stretching the 737 even more to compete with the A321 on not long ago. Developments on the 737 have always been interesting to say the least. The second to top picture with the plane taking off in Bolivia is my favorite.

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