All things MAX

After our big 737 MAX order from Vietjet earlier this week, I thought it would be a good time to discuss all things MAX. I hope you enjoy my latest podcast below.

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Andrew P Boydston (Boise ID USA):

Randy, I know you are limited on what can be said about a new frame under consideration coming from the the single aisle arena. However, much discussion has occured concerning the possibility of an announced gap filler going from single aisle to duo aisle replacing the 757. The indications are that Boeing may announce a a 757 replacement type in the next few years. Is this a topic that is on the table at this time? If so, can you talk about any possibilities under consideration?

By the way, congratulations for VietJet's order. It signals a change in the battle for single aisle orders swinging in the direction of Boeing. Thus also demonstrates a lot of hard work is going on within the market!

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

It is certainly exciting to see the orders for the 737 MAX grow particularly with the order by VietJet Airlines for 100 of the MAX 8 200. Lots of speculation on the future plans with the MAX in the 2020's.

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