We were proud to celebrate the delivery of the world’s first co-branded 777 to China Airlines this week. This airplane is also the 10th 777-300ER for the airline.

In 2004, China Airlines became the first airline in the world to use a Boeing co-branded livery on its latest 747-400. Thanks for making history with us again during our Centennial year.





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Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

Great livery on the China Airlines 777-300ER, they have always been a loyal Boeing customer.

Jeffrey Magnet (Newton, MA.):

I have a question about this livery. The model airplane manufacturers are calling this the "Dreamliner" livery. AS called it the "Spirit of Seattle" livery. Is it right to call it a "Dreamliner" livery even though it was on the original B788? Do you know what Boeing is officially calling this CI/Boeing livery?
I would appreciate a response.

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