Winging it

It was a grand day in Everett as we celebrated the grand opening of our new 777X Composite Wing Center.


An aerial view of the 777X Composite Wing Center.

The facility itself is immense - big enough to contain more than 20 football fields. At 1.3 million square feet, this is the largest facility Boeing has built in the Puget Sound region since the early 1990s, when we expanded the Everett final assembly building to produce the original 777.


The giant 777X autoclave bakes composite wings— and could also bake 200,000 pizzas at the same time.


31,000 tons of steel make up this $1 billion investment for the 777X in Everett.

The $1 billion investment will be a key part of making the new composite wing for the 777X.


Coming soon— the 777X itself.

We look forward to putting this facility to work. Be sure to also check out this video that shows all the work that went into making this building a reality.


Cutting the ribbon on the new 777X wing center.

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Andrew Boydston (Boise ID USA):

Thank you for posting this Journal with a "Winging It" heading. A major step has been accomplished with due diligence. A building of this stature represents America on many level. Its industrial accomplishment is unequaled in the world and Boeing has shown the way all things are possible with great people.

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

All the changes being made for the new 777X shows all the advancements the new model has over the current 777s in production.

Bill Nation (Kerrville, Texas):

So, if sales of the 777X don't "takeoff", there's Plan B - go into the pizza bui'ness!

George M:

Congratulations to Boeing on a decision that reflects good business sense and represents a vote of confidence in Boeing's employees.

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