Flying salute to Centennial

The newest 737 delivered to Alaska Airlines came with a special livery marking Boeing’s Centennial. The 737-900ER features a Boeing logo with “100 years strong” painted on the side.


A flying salute to Boeing’s Centennial rolls out of the paint hangar at Boeing Field in Seattle. All photos by Boeing photographer Tim McGuire.

The new jet was unveiled during an event at Seattle’s Museum of Flight, where hundreds of business leaders surprised Boeing with a $100,000 donation to the Washington State Opportunity Scholarship, a fund dedicated to helping fund low- and middle-income Washington State residents earn degrees in STEM-related fields. Boeing is a founding member of that scholarship, and matched today’s donation.


You can check out of video of the big event below— including an appearance by Seattle Seahawks quarterback and Alaska’s “chief football officer” Russell Wilson.

Thanks to Alaska for helping us celebrate our Centennial in style. Enjoy the photos.






Comments (8)

Kevin (San Jose, CA):

Do 737's not get manufactured with the scimitar winglets pre-installed?

Needal (Paris):

Awesome Livery !

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

Nice color scheme on 100 years of Boeing and great causes on science related scholarships for Washingtonians.

Paul (Tacoma):

Very nice! Great job Alaska

Randy Tinseth:

Hi Kevin,

Airlines who use those have them installed after delivery.

The 737 MAX will of course have the AT winglet in the factory.

Andrew Boydston (Boise ID USA):

Randy et al @Boeing:

The photos provided have an immediate first glance impression. Usually the most accurate impression is a first glance. My reaction to the livery was "fresh" and after a 100 years that is a remarkable accomplishment for both Boeing and its customers such as Alaska Airlines. Fresh has a longer shelf life than new, and Alaska is the place to go on a Boeing.


Interesting that the winglets on this 737 are not the latest version with small strakes pointing downward

Randy Tinseth:


This is a Next-Generation 737. Alaska adds the Scimitar winglets post-delivery.

The 737 MAX will come with the AT winglets you are referring to.

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