Powered by Boeing: uniforms for a cause

When a team of cyclists made up of employees and friends of American Airlines hit the road for a 7-day trek, the Boeing logo went right along with them. We were proud to sponsor the team in the 15th annual AIDS Lifecycle, a ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles that raises money to defeat HIV/AIDS.


Members of the American Airlines cycling team cross the finish line in Los Angeles after the 7-day AIDS Lifecycle, a ride to end HIV/AIDS. American Airlines photo.

The 7-member team from American was decked out in uniforms that read “Powered by Boeing” on the back of their jerseys. Some of the team members have lost relatives to AIDS, so the ride carried special meaning.


The American Airlines team sports “Powered by Boeing” jerseys. Commercial Airplanes sponsored the team during the ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. American Airlines photo.

The bike ride raised over $16 million to support the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and HIV/AIDS-related services in Los Angeles.

One member of the American team told us: “AIDS LifeCycle is about coming together as a community, supporting those with the disease and working to ensure that no family has to lose a family member again.”

Congratulations to the entire AA team and to all those who took part.

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Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

A wonderful cause. Though HIV/AIDS does not make it in the news anymore as it used to, it has still yet to be cured.

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