Flying quiet

How quiet is the 787? So quiet that a group of media almost missed it landing at Boeing Field following an around the world trip back in 2011. It was early morning—still dark—and the airplane landed a few minutes earlier than expected. It was so whisper quiet on approach that photographers were caught off guard, some of them barely capturing the airplane as it touched down.

I mention this story because of recent news out of London. Heathrow Airport is out with its quarterly ‘Fly Quiet’ league table from January to March, which compares each of the top 50 airlines (according to the number of flights to and from Heathrow per year) across six different noise metrics.


One of the 787’s in Virgin Atlantic’s fleet.

There was specific praise for Virgin Atlantic, which jumped five places in the league table to 13th position due to the fact that it introduced a number of 787s into its fleet over recent months, dramatically reducing its overall noise footprint.

Air Canada, Air India, British Airways and Qatar have also been using 787s at the UK’s busiest airport, contributing to an overall 6 percent improvement in the total league table score.

That’s music to our ears.

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Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

Perhaps it is the quietest jet in the world, a good thing to have for busy urban airports.

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