Sunrise in Moses Lake

I wanted to share some stunning photos of our third 737 MAX test airplane. Boeing photographer Paul Weatherman captured the images below this morning as the sun came up in Moses Lake, Washington. And for first time, all four of our MAX test airplanes were in the air at the same time today. The MAX flight test program continues right on track.





The entire MAX test fleet was in the air at the same time on June 7— a first for the MAX flight test program.

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Greg A (Kenmore, WA):

Make the top picture available for download as a desktop! Beautiful sight! Thanks, Randy.

Jesse (Charlotte):

Wow Randy, these pictures are amazing. Thank you for sharing and go Max team!

Marie (Everett, WA. USA):

I always enjoy reading your BLOG and learning new things about our planes. But this one is awesome. The 737-MAX looks beautiful in dawn's early light! Thank you for sharing.

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

These pictures remind me of Aviation Weeks annual photo contest that they have every January, they certainly look like contenders.

Alonzo Rasheed (Everett, WA):

What a stunning sight of our new super efficient single isle airplane at sunrise. It is a great silhouette (and somewhat symbolic) of the dawning of a new and glorious day for this very popular airplane. "INSPIRATIONAL"

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