100 million served

Now that almost 450 of our 787s have been delivered, we’ve passed an impressive milestone. More than 100 million passengers have now flown on a Dreamliner (approximately 109 million to be a little more precise).


The fleet has now accumulated 1.3 billion revenue miles, saving over 9 billion pounds of fuel in the process.

And just as impressive, the 787 has now opened 120 new nonstop markets that didn’t exist before this airplane went into service. We’re excited that our customers are flying routes we never expected.

You can always follow the fleet on our 787 Flight Tracker.

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James Baloun (Sunnyvale, California, USA):

The 787 is coming of age and proving itself. Maybe Boeing can now revisit a previous 787 version that is on the back burner? Maybe the 787 can be scaled down to the middle of the market range?

Take the improvements and lessons learned from the 787 and 777x programs and scale them to fit the middle market range. This new version could fit in smaller airport gates by adapting the folding wing from the 777X. With the right engine the 787 fuselage dimater would make a great middle market aircraft.

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